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Zero Medicine Wisdom


Saify Saraiya is a Life Coach and the author of Zero Medicine Wisdom. He has played many roles in life. Sold ball bearings to factories as a sales executive for his family firm – South India Bearing Co, founded and headed CHIP INDIA Computers Pvt. Ltd., designed and built space saving residential flats, and currently his mission is to promote the concept of ‘ZERO VIOLATION OF MIND’ to eradicate conflict and stress in the life of individuals and lead them to success in their desired goal.


His interest in Human Potential developed when he entered IT Education in 1989. This ignited the study of behavioural science. From the passion he developed, he designed and delivered the ‘Young Leader Course’ for students in 1992. The success of this program brought in corporate assignments from Gulf & Sri Lanka. There was no looking back and since then, innumerable schools and companies benefited from his programs. 


His strength is in the authenticity with which he operates; his varied life experiences make him empathize with people easily. The ability to ‘feel himself in others shoes’ helps him to establish practical context to abstract ideas and in inspiring people at various levels – executives, professionals, teachers and his main forte – the students.


Training modules designed and delivered:

  • ‘Young Leader Course’ for Teenagers

  • Zero Violation of Mind Education for Teachers

  • ‘Intimate family’ – Supportive Relationship in a Family 

  • ‘Five Keys to productive meetings’ for CEO’s

  • ‘Understand Disputes’ for Lawyers, Police and Media

  • ‘Health Without Medicine’ A Self Heal Wisdom for All

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