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the Farm

Our Vision

Farming Responsibly 


The farm is located roughly around 110 kms from Chennai. The area is called Arumbakkam and the closest town is Kaveripakkam, which is happens to be the bus stop for people traveling by bus to the farm.

TryAgri is a Not-for-Profit project that is centred around the concept of exploration and guidance of Farming or the self. 

With the growing need for sustainable farming for the exploding population. TryAgri wishes to encourage the young and the wise to farm responsibly. While many may wish to enter into the world of agriculture, most do not have the know-how on how to start or execute a farming project, TryAgri intends to help.

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How it Works

Farming Responsibly 

You will be provided a plot of or several small plots of land for rent, for you to experiment with and farm sustainably and for survival. Much like a demo or tutorial, you learn all you can from us before you set off on your own

We will provide you with Farming land in multiples of 25 cents (0.25 acres = 10,890 sq. ft) with water & farming tools & implements.


We would assist you with essential logistics and infrastructure like tractors, Organic farmyard manure, pest repellants, bio-fungicide, Seeds and Saplings, for which will be charged

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Our Story

Local Family Farm

I'm a former IT professional who took up farming, Cliché isn't it? but back in 2001 was unheard of and practically suicidal especially with quitting a well-paying Job to be a farmer at it.


Instead of cultivating what was considered conventional crops like Paddy and groundnuts. I started with medicinal herbs and aromatic grass like Palmarosa grass and Lemongrass.

The name of my farm - Scent Thottam, meaning Perfume Garden, was so named due to the essential oils made from extracts of these plants. 


2010, brought with it a new change in the direction. With the severe drought, workforce practically vanished with many of the labourers being driven to rural emigration, in search of better jobs for survival.


I then moved in a few conventional crops and focused on Agroforestry and have been building a forest for the last decade. 

Our Story
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Our Team



After serving 30 years in Central Government, I resolved to walk away leaving 7 years remaining service to love the nature and to live closely with natural environment. 

While I may not earn equal to my salary, I can live my life meaningfully. I yearned to produce my food  by my own hands and legs and duly embrace the nature.

I resolved to grow as many trees and rear as many animals I could. I wished to wake up to the birds chirping up in the morning and want to sleep peacefully amidst nature like a lamb. I found suitable place for this i.e. Scent Thottam

I find plenty of tracks of land where I can plant trees like banyan which will attract birds to nest in and Palmyra tree which can hold ground water. I found Scent thottam is the place to be, for me to be able to try my amateur agriculture in producing organic vegetables and rear country chicken.

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